What The Website Protector Does

The Website Protector protects your website. The Website Protector secures your website against malware, ransomware, website defacing, and hackers.

The Website Protector gives you back the time you spend trying to keep up with emerging cybersecurity threats. The Website Protector frees you from the aggravation of trying to monitor, defend, and restore your website from hackers and cyber-criminals.

The Website Protector is a firewall for your website or web-based app. The Website Protector detects, records, and prevents attacks against your organization’s web presence. Just as your organization might have a security officer to protect your office, assets, and employees, The Website Protector can be your website security officer.

The Website Protector identifies everyone coming to your website and analyzes every web request they make. If a web visitor is legitimate and does not try to hack into your website, then they will never know that The Website Protector was there. If, however, this website visitor is a hacker, then they will quickly and quietly find themselves locked out.

How The Website Protector Works

Your webpage contacts us

When you include our code on your webpage, your webpage will contact our servers every time that webpage is loaded. Your webpage will securely send us information about your web visitor, your webpage, and how that web visitor is interacting with your web page.

We evaluate everything

We evaluate all of the information sent to us by your webpage to determine whether everything's fine. We evaluate this information in three ways. We consider the riskiness of this particular web visitor. We also examine how they are interacting with your webpage, and we check to make sure that your webpage hasn't changed without your permission.

We immediately reply

Our reply to your webpage will be one of three answers based on our evaluation and your preferences.

  1. There is no security problem. Show the webpage normally.
  2. There is a security problem, and we have filtered out the bad parts for you. Use our filtered information to show the webpage normally.
  3. There is a critical security problem with this visitor. Do not show a webpage to this visitor.
The entire process literally takes less time than the blink of an eye.

What The Website Protector Costs


  • Up to 50,000 page views
  • Management Dashboard
  • Regular Price: $15/month
$9 Sign up


  • Up to 500,000 page views
  • Management Dashboard
  • Regular Price: $75/month
$39 Sign Up


  • Up to 500,000 page views
  • Management Dashboard
  • Website Monitoring
  • Website Backups
  • Regular Price: $95/month
$49 Sign Up

Why The Website Protector

While there are a few existing Web Application Firewalls out there, The Website Protector is innovatively designed to deliver value to small to mid-sized organizations. You do not need to be a web genius to install or manage The Website Protector. Yet you can still receive state of the art protection.

  1. Ease of Use

    The Website Protector can provide all of this protection for your web assets even when your website or web app uses shared hosting. With The Website Protector, your organization does not need to have its own web server to enjoy web firewall protection. Nor does The Website Protector require a complicated or hard to find web environment. Instead, The Website Protector can easily be installed in the most common web server configurations. In fact, installing The Website Protector can be as easy as uploading a few files. All of the hard work is done for you on the back end at Website Engineering’s data centers. No coding is necessary.

  2. Deep Cybersecurity Intelligence

    The Website Protector identifies both attackers and attack methods. Each client of The Website Protector benefits from the shared intelligence of thousands of other websites in our network. This shared intelligence is updated in real-time and unique to The Website Protector. As a result, we most likely already know about an attacker before they ever arrive at your website. If a previously unknown attacker does come to your website, The Website Protector's library of hundreds of web-specific attack signatures ensures that this attack will be identified. Because this attack intelligence is located on our end, you will not need to continuously monitor or update The Website Protector. We do that for you.

  3. No False Alarms

    The Website Protector provides all of this while, by design, still operating with a very low false positive rate. Nobody wants to prevent a legitimate web visitor from using your website or web app. False positives are a big problem with most cybersecurity software, sending you a stream of false alarms and opaque warnings. One of the ways that The Website Protector has achieved such a low false positive rate is by filtering instead of just blocking web visitor requests to your website. By filtering these web requests, the threat to your website is removed without permanently turning away a possibly legitimate web visitor. For example, a visitor to your website might mistakenly type characters into a web form that look suspiciously like a cross-site scripting web attack. Instead of immediately banning this visitor, The Website Protector simply removes the threatening part of their web request. Of course, if this same visitor continues to submit characters into your web form that appear to be a website attack, they will quickly be blocked from your website.

  4. Customizable Cybersecurity

    Unlike other web application firewalls, The Website Protector is completely and easily customizable. You can configure which classifications and geographies of users that you want to block from your website. You can also specify just how aggressively you would like The Website Protector’s monitoring and protection to be. All of this can be configured within your own account settings.


Our cybersecurity intelligence capability extends across the entire Internet.
Our security team has tracked cyber criminals and rogue networks for the past decade. We know their history, geography, and network neighbors. We continuously monitor our global network of thousands of protected websites to collect real-time intelligence.


Security is our business. We have the knowledge and capability to prevent your website from being crippled, defaced, or deleted by hackers. We can defang malicious user input into your website's forms and services. We can also alert you whenever a customer order is likely to be fraudulent.


The Website Protector was engineered to respond from call to response within one-half of one-tenth of a second. That's an average response time of 0.05 seconds. We designed The Website Protector so that your website's visitors will never notice a delay in your webpage load times.


Our system was designed to weigh as little as possible on your existing website. The Website Protector will not eat up your bandwidth or load your pages down.


Installing and managing The Website Protector could not be simpler. You add only a few lines of our code to each of your webpages. We have pre-written code for PHP and Python-based websites. We also have a WordPress plugin freely available as well.


The Website Protector's pricing is designed so that you only pay for what you use. There is no setup fee or long-term contract. You simply pay a monthly fee. If you ever go over your monthly plan's page views, you only pay a nickel for every 10 page views over your plan's monthly page views. That's only half a penny per pageview!

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